Why You Should Sign Up for A Free Trial of Our Map Forensics Proprietary Software

The second best thing about our free trial of our Storm Activity Monitoring System (SAMS™) is that you can try it out for free.

The first best thing? Get ready to experience the power of the most innovative and flexible hail storm tracking system available.

Sound exciting? We think so too.

So, what exactly is SAMS™? It’s simply the most powerful cloud-based application available to deliver real-time, round-the-clock storm activity monitoring, allowing you to create customized lead lists in a matter of seconds.

Through harnessing the power of our cutting-edge Storm Activity Monitoring System (SAMS™), Map Forensics delivers hail swath maps and a useful toolbox of other features with accuracy, efficiency and detail-oriented customer service. Drawing upon the latest storm monitoring technology available, we provide weather solutions that enable you to make strategic decisions in the wake of hailstorms and other severe weather. Our software accesses round-the-clock hail signatures from a vast national network of Doppler Radar systems, translating that information to you in a way that’s clear and informative. SAMS™  goes beyond the traditional hail swath. By combining our superior quality hail swaths with past or potential customer locations you want to monitor, and a user-friendly interface, we have created the most powerful application on the market.

Essentially, SAMS™ does everything you need it to do.

Great Technology=Good Business

Maybe you’re wondering how SAMS™ can help your business’ bottom line. That’s an excellent question. In fact, we’ve designed our patent-pending software with measurable results. We want to help you develop new customers, as well as retain and satisfy the ones you already have. Ultimately, we want you to be the first to contact and service your existing customers, as well as to expand your customer base in the same neighborhoods.

The advanced technology of SAMS™allows you to actively “work” a storm like no other application on the market, so that you can respond with agility and accuracy to your customers’ needs in the event of severe weather. Great technology and speed means good business.

In an age where practically everyone has a smart phone and a high-speed internet connection, we know you need to offer an outstanding service to your customers that goes beyond anything currently available. With our application, you become proactive rather than reactive. While your customers sleep, SAMS™ allows you to track the geographical parameters and the estimated size of hail, while exporting lead lists based upon estimated hail size or location in just seconds.

Location-Specific Data

We know that your business is based on location, location, location. You no longer have to market to whole cities or zip codes: the customer locations you want to monitor are mapped with extreme accuracy.  If SAMS™ determines that any of those locations may have been impacted by hail, an alert email is sent notifying you of the hail activity along with a link to your account. Once you’ve logged in, you can view the hail swath in relation to your customers, determining exactly which customers you want to contact using our user-friendly interactive map.

A Competitive Advantage

Armed with this knowledge, you possess a competitive advantage over your competitors, who may not use SAMS™, which provides access to real-time, 24-hour access to hail signatures from a nationwide network of Dual-Polarized and NEXRAD Doppler Radar systems. SAMS™ will help you position yourself as a partner and ally to your customers by providing severe weather monitoring services for them. We are there to answer all of your questions so you are able to access the exact the information you need––and we help you filter out what you don’t need. With SAMS™, there’s no information overload, just the data you need to assess where and when current and existing customers need assistance with post-storm inspections, repairs and insurance claims.

Ready to Sign Up? (Did We Mention It’s Free?)

Do you want to see the awesome power of SAMS™ in action? We are extremely confident that the more you use SAMS™the more uses you will have for SAMS™. So, along with several helpful tutorial videos that can be accessed through our website, we’ve designed two levels of free access.

By using our free access options, you can experience firsthand how the tool works and what it can do for your business. The first level of free access is straightforward: simply click on this link and get free access to every current day hail swath throughout the country! In addition, you’ll have the ability to view the current day’s storm reports on the map. It’s easy to use, clear and valuable. If you like what you see and want to see more–– great!––simply “Login” and sign up for a free user account to enjoy access to even more features.

With a free user account, your options are practically limitless: you can view hail swaths for multiple days, utilize additional map overlay features, upload and monitor up to 25 customer locations, and test out our powerful lead list creation tools. This is a truly unique opportunity for you to try out the benefits of SAMS™.

Do you have questions? We are available to answer any questions you may have. Faster than you can say “superior quality hail swaths, real-time reporting, unlimited customer hail alerts, custom lead list-generation tools and user-friendly interface,” you can experience a free trial of the software that is the vanguard of innovative storm monitoring technology.

Don’t take our word for it––dive in!