Need a Tutorial?

Getting Started

Here’s where we school you on SAMS, our groundbreaking Storm Activity Monitoring System. For software that’s incredibly powerful, it’s surprisingly easy to use. But don’t take our word for it––check out a tutorial!

In this video, we kick things off by walking you through Storm Activity Monitoring System (SAMS). After going over the login process, we take you on a comprehensive tour of SAMS. Once you’re logged in, the states in your subscription will be highlighted.

Scroll down through the list of states on the left-hand side of your screen and click on the name of any state in your subscription to view all the hail storm dates in those states. Simply click on a date and the corresponding hail swath will appear on the map. Cool, huh?

Hail swaths are continually updated throughout the current day. Subscribers can also examine historical data for that state as long as a subscription remains active.

The user-interface reminds you which swaths you’ve looked at—and which you haven’t seen, by marking unopened swaths as “new.”

See those pins on the map? Those are your customers, and SAMS enables you to upload and view 2,500 of your customer locations with 24/7 rooftop accuracy with a basic subscription.

Need additional bandwidth? You can easily purchase additional locations for a one-time charge. Once you have purchased and uploaded additional locations, they will be monitored as long as you keep a basic subscription active. Keep your subscription active, and you’ll receive complimentary additional locations each year––helpful as you grow your business. Want to upload and view one million customers? No problem––just be sure to contact us for special pricing.

Beyond displaying simply names and addresses, you can upload more than 100 customer data points that you can enter, save, track and analyze to efficiently market and deliver post-storm services to your customer list. Customer data is easily edited to reflect individual changes as well as adapt to new developments and services as your business grows.

You choose the type and timing of customer alerts that you receive. For example, choose to be alerted when hail strikes the states you subscribed to at 7AM and 7PM; or, maybe you want to be alerted right after customers may have been impacted by hail––you decide. With SAMS, you only track the storms that impact you.


Custom Lead Lists

This video shows you how to adjust our hail size sliding scale to select for incremental changes in the estimated size of hail. This allows you to export a lead list for the customers that may have been affected by hail of a certain size. Want to focus on more specific area with more significant than estimated damage? We’ve got that covered. Easy-to-use drawing tools give you the freedom to choose the exact area and customers you want to target by manually selecting the border around the desired customer area.

Activating multiple hail swaths allows you to view how several storms may have impacted a single area or location. Has one of your customers been hit with inch to two-inch hail four times in the last six months? Activate the hail swaths, draw around that specific customer area and export a hail impact report detailing the dates and estimated sizes of hail impacting that customer. The subtle power of SAMS is its ability to provide you with the tools and data you need to improve your chances of success.



Did we mention that SAMS is flexible? Don’t take our word for it—watch this video.

Did you know that you can filter, view and export any slice of your customer data irrespective of storm activity? By allowing you to store and organize a vast amount of customer information, our software helps you create client lists based on purchasing history and other data that impact sales and service. For example, imagine you learn about a defective product that your customers may have installed on their homes. If you are tracking that information in SAMS, you can view just those customers on the map and export a client contact list based upon their location, customized with only the information you want to view.

Filters for specific data can easily be reset to view your entire customer list in a default view. See exactly the information you want, how you want it, with easy access to stored customer contact information.