Map Forensics Launches New Storm Activity Monitoring System That Provides Several New Benefits to Hail Swath Users

Map Forensics, the technology-based weather solutions provider, today announced the launch of their new Storm Activity Monitoring System (SAMS). Through constant real-time monitoring, it identifies users’ potential and existing customers who may have sustained hail damage, and allows users to immediately deliver accurate and custom reports to sales and marketing teams. SAMS provides users with a competitive edge over their competition by allowing them to be the first to reach customers who need their services the most after a hail storm. SAMS delivers the following benefits:

  • Utilizes the latest advances in radar technology, deriving real-time hail signatures from a nationwide network of Dual-Polarized and NEXRAD Doppler Radar systems.
  • Proprietary algorithms convert raw radar data into relevant, accurate, and actionable hail swath maps which are published continuously throughout the day.
  • Geo-redundant cloud-hosted infrastructure and 24/7 monitoring ensure SAMS is resilient and maximized for uptime and performance.
  • Increase the value of the user’s customer list – from day one.
  • Allows full customization of alert preferences – from all hail activity in a state, only when customers have been impacted, or no alerts.
  • The ability to view hail swaths which are updated throughout the day – providing an accurate lead list in just seconds.
  • For each state a user subscribes to they’ll receive access to daily hail swaths.
  • A user can select and focus on the minimum size hail that is relevant to their business and easily export their own lead list.
  • Accurately identify customers who need services based on their actual location.
  • Combine multiple hail swaths for all customers or only those with certain characteristics, overlay hail reports and quickly generate customized lists.
  • Create and analyze a report in seconds showing historical hail storm activity for a specified location, including hail storm dates and hailstone size for each date at each location.
  • Dramatically increase repeat jobs by keeping a relationship with an address and covert the new property owner into a customer.

SAMS’ advanced technology and flexibility gives it unlimited potential beyond identifying customers who may have sustained hail damage. A user’s own customer data can be used with SAMS to visualize their customer database. Examples of just a few additional benefits from using SAMS include:

  • Easily monitor addresses where a warranty is voided by hail.
  • Identify how many customers have a defective product installed and export a list in seconds.
  • Research how many customers are within a certain radius of an area before opening a new service location.
  • Substantially enhance the risk management process, especially for property management companies, multi-residential/commercial building owners and municipalities.
  • Remotely monitor a large portfolio of rental or foreclosed properties.

SAMS annual subscriptions include unlimited hail swaths for one state, 24/7 monitoring of 2,500 locations with additional locations available, and unlimited hail alerts. Visit for more information and pricing.


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